Grade 6 Supply Kits


Quantity Grade 6 Supply List
3 Large Glue Sticks
1 White Glue (Elmer or Ross)
4 White Erasers
1 Pencil Sharpener With Lid – Staedtler Brand
1 Pencil Case (hard plastic shell)
4 Pencils – Dixon or Staedtler Brand (pack of 12)  These can be found at Staples or Walmart

(no pencils from dollar store)  “Pre-sharpened HB #2 Staedtler or Dixon” Pencils

1 Pencil Case (soft case)
1 Geometry Set
Black Sharpies- (black) 1 thin tip -1 thick tip
1 Clear Plastic Ruler (30 cm)
1 White Labels – available at the dollar store
1 Small Pointed Scissors (left/ right handed)
6 EXPO White Board Dry Erase Markers (black or blue)
1 Box of 24 Crayola /Faber Castel Pencil Crayons (optional)
1 Box of 24 Crayola /Faber Castel Thin Tip Markers
1 Box of Oil pastels
1 Crayola round Brush Set (4 piece set)
1 Water Colour Pallet Set of 12 Colours
1 Package of modeling clay
1 Pack of Lined Paper (200 count)
2 Dividers (5 different coloured tabs)
1 Pack of index cards
4 1.5 Inch Binder
1 80 pg coiled notebook ( for Arabic)
4 Highlighters 
2 Ball Point Pens (2 blue – 2 red)
1 Clear Page Protectors (pack of 10)
1 Clipboard
1 PLASTIC 4 Pocket Envelope Folder (available at Staples)
7 Duotangs  ( RED,ORANGE,YELLOW,BLUE GREEN BLACK , PURPLE) Available at Walmart or Staples


All orders will be delivered in August; please allow 1-3 weeks processing time for orders placed after August 20th, 2024

Please note: Please look carefully at the supply list as we do not sell certain items required from your schools list. Last day to preorder kits is August 11th, 2024

Note: some supply items may not be listed that your school requires.